I still haven't started season 3 and I'm not sure I'm going to. Maybe if the writer's strike goes on for 10 months and a good percentage of the shows I follow and love are delayed, I'll have time to catch up with Ted Lasso (and 20 other shows on my to watch list). I was one of those people who felt that season 2 was a bit whiplashy in terms of quality, and a step down from the season 1 inspiration. But there was enough to like, especially the Coach Beard episode that was an homage to Scorcese's After Hours, to make me very happy.

That said, I loved reading your discussion about it, and it may serve a suitable replacement for what sounds like bloated eps (geez 50-60 minutes each?) and some disappointing (lack of) character development.

I'll just continue to watch other stuff on my list, like the Michael J. Fox doc on Apple Plus which is excellent.

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